Bedlam in Gotham

Bedlam in Gotham is going to be a three-ring circus: 
  1. September 20-21 People’s Climate Change March
  2. September 22-23 World Conference on Indigenous Peoples
  3. September 24-26 World Summit on Indigenous Philanthropy
All the Ford and Rockefeller PR puppets from the non-profit industrial complex will be swarming for media attention to keep those grants flowing.


Artistic and intellectual customs and achievements of a particular civilization. Refined appreciation of this.

Person of abnormally weak intellect, esp. an adult with a mental age of about five.

Ideological absence in which advertising has become the only active factor, overriding any preexisting critical judgment or transforming such judgment into a mere conditioned reflex. Inability to develop any political consciousness.

Trafficking in Hate

A nefarious multi-million dollar campaign, designed and executed by American fundamentalists, is underway to drag the world back into the Dark Ages. Like drug dealers, they are traffickers, but instead of cocaine or heroin they are trafficking in hate. Like a cartel, they can sometimes fly below the radar, deal in huge sums of money, operate with clandestine fronts, launder cash to protect identity, cross international borders with impunity, and run sophisticated operations on a global scale.

–Center Against Religious Extremism, CARE

Who to Threaten Who to Bribe

The phrase “who to threaten and who to bribe” might have been coined by Wise Use agent provocateur Skip Richards, but its application by Wise Use merchant of fear Craig Cole is more instructive when it comes to understanding the social conflict associated with Gateway Pacific Terminal (GPT). Indeed, the question as to whether Cascadia Weekly editor Tim Johnson and Bellingham Herald columnist Ralph Schwartz are willfully stupid or willfully complicit in regard to Cole’s threatening behavior toward investigative journalist Sandy Robson and Whatcom Watch, means their chicanery and skulduggery has gone far beyond turning a blind eye.

While it is to be expected that the Herald, based on its long history of covering up white collar crime, would continue to cover for major advertisers like Gateway Pacific Terminal (Cole’s employer), it is especially irksome that Schwartz would consent to ambushing a local media colleague. As for Johnson, it is perplexing that he would stoop to such a low as blindsiding Robson — even for the few shekels the Weekly pocketed from GPT — given his past inclination to support muckrakers and whistleblowers.

While it was scandalous that the Herald ignored the CERA/Tea Party hate campaign and the GPT/Tea Party electoral collusion, the hit piece by Schwartz, and his cover story concocted to cover his misconduct, only compounds the scandal initiated by Cole. Welcome to Netwar.

Merchants of Fear: Gottlieb and Cole

Something that has eluded Whatcom media (Whatcom Watch, Cascadia Weekly and NWCitizen excepted) for twenty years, is the concept of domestic terrorism under the rubric of the Wise Use Movement. From the commercial developers of the 1990s, to the industrial developers of the present, Wise Use terrorism has been the 800 pound gorilla no one in mainstream media wants to acknowledge. 
Book-ending our Wise Use hall of shame trophy wall at Public Good Project, are Alan Gottlieb (1994) and Craig Cole (2014). As Wise Use entrepreneurs, they, for the most part, sit above the fray, until some pesky journalist comes snooping around, and reveals their shenanigans. Jim Halpin and Paul de Armond bagged Gottlieb; Sandy Robson and Jay Taber bagged Cole.
Merchant of Fear, by Halpin and de Armond, ran in Eastside Week, a defunct publication based in Bellevue. While Capitalizing on Fear is Taber’s current summary of events at IC Magazine, it only gained traction due to Robson’s expose What Would Corporations Do? at Whatcom Watch in January.
Capitalizing on Fear: Gateway Pacific Terminal and the T…

Tea Party Terrorists, published 29 April 2013 at IC Magazine, notes that in Whatcom County, Washington (near the San Juan Islands between Seattle and …
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The Bellingham Herald was able to cover up Wise Use terrorism for five years in the 1990s; now, with the Internet and the outing by NWCitizen, the Herald cover-up only lasted five months. Think of it as progress.
Merchants of fear like Gottlieb and Cole come and go. Defenders of democracy volunteers and investigative journalists are forever.