Mandates from God


Mandates from Goda groundbreaking documentary about white power, indigenous peoples & fossil fuel export – is a collaboration between Public Good Project and IC Magazine, a publication of the Center for World Indigenous Studies. Based on a 2014 IC Special Report on Christian white supremacy in the US, Mandates from God focuses on the carbon corridor conflict between Coast Salish Nation and export terminal developers in British Columbia and Washington State.

As progressive churches and tribal longhouses seek to protect the endangered species and indigenous cultures of the Salish Sea, two of these developers have allied themselves with mainstream white supremacists in the Tea Party to “strike a most devastating psychological blow to Northwest tribes’ pride and their sense of well-being.” With your help, we can defeat White Power on the Salish Sea, and create a monumental work of art that is both educational and inspirational.

Tell SSA Marine, Pacific International Terminals, Kinder Morgan, Cloud Peak Energy, Peabody Energy, Shell Oil, BP, and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad “NO MORE!” Make your voice heard.

*Our goal for the documentary trailer is $25,000.

UN as Corporate Clubhouse

The UN as a corporate clubhouse — where billionaires like convicted inside-trader George Soros and anti-trust arch enemy Bill Gates swagger with Bono  — began in 1947 with John D. Rockefeller, Jr.’s purchase of six blocks in Manhattan for UN Headquarters. Since then, global initiatives sponsored by the UN Security Council, Human Rights Council, Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, World Health Organization, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Social and Economic Development programs have all born the mark of Wall Street. Indeed, privatization and other acts of corporate aggression against democracy and indigenous sovereignty have benefited beyond belief from UN support, leading to the incontestable conclusion that the UN is a dishonest broker.

Impunity International

Amnesty International Has

Betrayed Women’s Human Rights


Amnesty has voted to support pimps and sex buyers rather than people in prostitution – 90% of whom are not “voluntary sex workers” but people who ended up in prostitution as a last-ditch survival alternative and who urgently want to escape it.

Please support groups that provide for and advocate for what women in prostitution tell us they want: EXIT SERVICES and ABOLITIONIST POLICY.

Here are just a few of many groups who need your support:

For example YOU CAN SUPPORT abolitionist groups led by survivors of prostitution such as AWAN (Aboriginal Women’s Action Network) (Canada), SPACE International (Ireland), Buklod (Philippines), Bagong Kamalayan (Philippines).

For example YOU CAN SUPPORT groups offering services with an abolitionist perspective on prostitution such as Apne Aap (India), Breaking Free (USA), CATW-Asia Pacific (Philippines), Eaves (UK), Embrace Dignity (South Africa), Miramed(Russia), Organization for Prostitution Survivors (USA), Vancouver Rape Relief(Canada), Ruhama (Ireland), Solwodi (Germany), Stigamot (Iceland), Women’s Support Project (Scotland).

AND YOU CAN SUPPORT groups advocating abolitionist policy and research: CAP (France), CLES (Canada), CATW (USA), PRE (Prostitution Research & Education)(USA).

The press have quoted factual errors and Amnesty leaders have lied or misspoken. See a statement from 214 scholars and researchers from 20 countries who rejected Amnesty International’s policy of decriminalized pimping, sex-buying, and brothel keeping. Instead, based on what is known about prostitution, all of us support the Nordic model law on prostitution that decriminalizes ONLY the prostituted, providing them with exit services and support. The Nordic law criminalizes sex buyers and pimps. PRESS RELEASE, PETITION & SIGNERS. Signers are from Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Philippines, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA, and Venezuela.


Without inequality prostitution would cease to exist.

Petition to designate AI as Men’s Rights Extremists.

Poor and ethnically marginalized women in Indian prostitution object to AI proposal.

If it supports decriminalized prostitution, Amnesty can no longer claim to defend human rights.

UK Guardian calls Amnesty International call to legalize prostitution: “incoherent,” “divisive,” “distracting.”

Deceptive UN Propaganda

Sustainable Development Goals propaganda is the obvious motive for the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples op-ed at Indian Country Today. After her ritual listing of all the corporate state woes that indigenous peoples face around the world, Special Rapporteur Victoria Tauli-Corpuz advocates embracing the corporate state solution of Sustainable Development Goals. (She repeats the phrase three times.)

Formerly known as Millenium Development Goals, the architects of this final solution to the problem of uppity tribal nations have apparently enlisted PR assistance in marketing corporate totalitarianism as eco-friendly.

It’s a soothing fantasy, but we unfortunately have to deal with the reality of the UN as a dishonest broker. Indeed, the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues was designed to deceive.

Obama’s Crusade

In 2010, when President Obama signed an executive waiver for BP to test new deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, he was embarking on a crusade to repay his 2008 campaign benefactor, Goldman Sachs, an investment bank with a large energy portfolio, especially in oil.

In 2012, when Obama announced his administration had opened up millions of acres for gas and oil in 23 states, as well as 75% of potential oil resources offshore, he was ushering in the fracking boom that brought us chemical injection aquifer contamination and ‘bomb trains’.

In 2014, when Obama supported Shell Oil’s bid to drill in the Arctic, he was following through on promises made privately to Wall Street in 2006, when he was vetted by investment bankers to deliver the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention.

What many Americans fail to understand is that energy sector investors like Goldman Sachs often hold stocks in more than one type of energy–including coal, oil, gas and nuclear. When one is down, another is up. They don’t care so much which energy Americans consume, as long as they make money–a lot of money.

Their investments in up-and-coming politicians like Obama make it possible.

Nuking the Future

The best estimates I’ve seen for projected energy production in the US all say it would be a significant achievement if sustainable electrical generation comprised 10% of the mix. With hydro-power dropping in the Western US, due to drought conditions, coal is picking up the slack; if coal plants are closed as part of the clean energy revival, that leaves us with nuclear.

Nuclear power — as part of an energy investment portfolio that includes coal, oil and gas — is attractive to Wall Street investors because it is taxpayer-insured, guaranteeing a profit, even as mining reclamation and waste disposal remain disasters with no solution in sight.

The greatest challenge to energy efficiency in the US is long distance transmission power loss; roughly half of the electricity generated in the country is lost between the power plants and the ultimate consumer. Dispersing production might help, but that isn’t possible with coal.

One solution recently proposed is to install mini-nukes all over the country, using technology derived from nuclear-powered submarines. Disturbing as this sounds, it is the logical consequence of shutting down coal.

As climate catastrophe beckons us to back bold energy initiatives, we want to be careful we don’t jump ‘out of the pan and into the fire’.